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When most people think of dentistry, cavities first come to mind, due to their experience with the need to remove the source of the toothache, an infection technically known as dental caries, which is then filled with a neutral material. Caries are still the second most common disease, next to the even more common cold.

But the real goal of what is known as general dentistry is to help you avoid ever getting cavities or having other problems with your oral health. Preventive dentistry means making sure you have a full dental examination twice a year, which may also include a digital x-ray (which involves minimal radiation) if Dr. Pour believes there may be a need to check the health of the teeth and jawbone beyond what can be seen during a physical exam.


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A semi-annual exam can not only catch cavities before they become large and painful, but periodontal (gum) infections that could result in teeth losing their support and falling out, as well as signs of oral cancer, teeth being ground down while asleep, dead roots that need to be cleaned out, or dysfunction of the hinges of the jaw that makes it hard to open and close the mouth.

General dentistry also includes having your dental hygienist make sure you are using the right techniques to brush and floss, which are always challenging to reach the hard spots. To keep the sticky bacterial film (plaque) that results when food particles are not completely removed from developing into hardened tartar, she should also do a professional cleaning twice a year, since she has the tools and techniques that will give you a new start for your oral health. If this is not done, it is almost a sure thing that periodontitis (advanced gum disease) will occur and will require surgery.

Below is a list of general dentistry procedures we provide:

  • Dental Cleaning & Examination
  • Dentures
  • Digital X Rays
  • Home Care Instructions
  • Intraoral Camera
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Root Canal Therapy


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General dentistry can also include the placement of dental implants for missing teeth or bridges, which are less expensive, but don’t last long. Dentures, though they are not ideal because they do not stop the erosion of the jaw, unlike implants, can restore the ability to chew and speak for those who have many missing teeth.

General dentistry also includes teeth whitening, dental bonding (which covers large cavities), dental veneers (which can be placed on the front of damaged teeth), and improving “gummy smiles,” which expose more gum than is considered attractive.

A largely overlooked specialty of dentists is the ability to provide a customized oral appliance that prevents sleep apnea, a disorder that is usually caused by the tongue or other tissue blocking the airway, which disrupts sleep without waking up the individual, and has serious effects.

If you have not had a recent general dental exam, call Garden Grove Dental & Orthodontics today to set an appointment.


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