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If you are an adult who decided you did not want the embarrassment and discomfort of walking around with traditional braces for 2-4 years, the good news is that in many cases you can straighten your still-crooked smile without all that. And maybe just as important to you now, there are no dietary restrictions to avoid getting certain foods getting stuck on those wires, brackets, and bands.

Having straight teeth and a correct bite is essential to the long term health of the gums. Straight teeth allows for a better and easier cleaning as well as good bone and gum support. Not only do your teeth benefit from Invisalign now, but they will stay healthier and look great in the long run. Our goal is to provide you with a smile that will last a life time.

Invisalign is a process of customizing a series of nearly transparent trays (known as aligners) that can be put in or taken out of your mouth easily and which gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions. It is not for complicated cases that require braces, but it is effective for many adults, as well as teens whose permanent teeth have come in (usually 12-13). It has a number of important advantages over braces:

Invisalign Before and After
Invisalign Before and After
Invisalign Before and After

The Benefits of Invisalign

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  • The process is usually quicker to complete, three months to two years, depending on how many teeth need to be moved, but 6-18 months is enough for most cases.
  • There is no severe discomfort after wires are tightened each time you visit the dentist (and no emergencies because of broken wires or brackets).
  • Fewer visits to the office are needed to make adjustments (you will be given a schedule for the aligners to be delivered or picked up, depending on your progress, typically every couple of months).
  • You remove the aligners before you eat as you always have, without having to worry about hard, tough, or sticky foods.
  • You can brush and floss normally, without having to the challenges of trying to clean around braces to avoid cavities and gum infections.
  • No one needs to know you are even having orthodontic treatment, since the trays are transparent and you can remove them in privacy before you eat. They may just think your improving smile is due to brushing and flossing better.

Flexible Payment Options for Invisalign Treatment

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We accept many different methods of payment so you can get the Invisalign treatment you need. We accept cash, credit cards, insurance and offer payment plans. We are happy to help you find the most suitable option to fit your budget and financial situation.

No one should have to sacrifice getting the beautiful smile they deserve because of a lack of finance options. We want to make sure our patients have options to pay for their Invisalign treatment. Here are a few different payment options we accept at our office:

Many people are not aware that you can apply your Flexible Spending Account toward Invisalign. Your pre-tax dollars can be put aside through your FSA, which can be put toward your Invisalign procedure. This money can then be earned back by applying for an FSA reimbursement.

Payment Plans
We offer convenient payment plans so you can pay for your Invisalign aligners gradually over the course of your treatment. Our flexible payment plans allow you to spread your payments out to give you financial peace of mind and plenty of payment options. We are also open to discussing other payment options with you to identify the payment plan that best fits your budget.


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