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Braces are something of a milestone for many children, but how do you know when your child is ready for them? The best way to know for sure is by scheduling an appointment with a qualified orthodontist. They can examine your child’s mouth, teeth, and bone structure to determine if some crookedness will self-correct or recommend braces as the best treatment.

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends your child visit an orthodontist by age 7, as this is a good time to determine whether they will benefit from braces in the future. 

Meanwhile, here are some signs that your child could need braces in the future.

1. Thumb Sucking

Chronic thumb sucking in children with teeth can influence mouth shape and teeth positioning. If your child uses a pacifier above age 3, this could also negatively influence their dental alignment.

2. Messy, Uneven Chewing

Many children who require orthodontic treatment will have trouble when biting or chewing. They may frequently bite their tongue, cheeks, or lips, and be more likely to make a mess while eating. If jaw or teeth misalignment are the cause, the problem will likely worsen as they get older.

3. Uneven Jaw

You may notice that your child’s smile seems off-balance (their bottom teeth and top teeth are not centered). Alternatively, you may notice upper teeth rest ahead of the lower teeth (overbite), or the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth (underbite).

4. Large Gaps or Spaces Between Teeth

It’s normal for children to have gaps as they lose baby teeth and adult ones come in. However, gaps should close naturally around ages 8 and 9. Braces can not only straighten teeth but help reduce the risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems from large spaces.

5. Crowded Teeth

Most parents will notice the crowded appearance in their child’s mouth before they reach the 3rd grade. Crowding can occur due to a narrow mouth or small jaw; it can also happen if children lose their baby teeth early, and their remaining teeth shift together to close the distance.

6. Teeth Grinding

Based on data from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 14% – 17% of children grind their teeth at night, a condition called bruxism. This can not only wear down teeth but also cause misalignment. 

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