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Invisalign is the leading alternative to braces in adults, but it does require wearing special aligners up to 22 hours each day for 6 to 18 months. While you may diligently stick to your protocol, life happens, and you might wind up losing an aligner. Many patients find themselves anxious, worrying that they’ll undo the work their Invisalign has already accomplished. 

We’re here to tell you not to panic. First and foremost, retrace your steps. Where did you last see your aligner? You might think, “I’ve already done that! Why do you think I’m reading this post?” You’d be surprised at how many people find their tray when they take some deep breaths and return to familiar places. 

It may have fallen off the counter, behind your nightstand, or even in the sink. If you come up empty-handed, call your orthodontist.

Don’t Put on Your Old Set or Switch to Your Next One Just Yet

Ask your Garden Grove orthodontist if you should resort to wearing your previous set of aligners or move onto the new one before making any changes. If you make the decision on your own, it could negatively impact your teeth.

How to Avoid Losing Invisalign Aligners

We offer patients a few recommendations to help them avoid losing their aligners:

  1. Keep your tray in the same place, so you always know where to find it.
  2. Don’t remove your Invisalign tray unless it’s absolutely necessary, like to eat. 
  3. Avoid placing aligners on counters or in open spaces.
  4. Keep your aligners in a storage case close to your bed instead of the bathroom to avoid them falling in the sink or toilet. 
  5. Choose a brightly colored storage case that makes it easier to spot your trays when you need them.

What happens if you lose your Invisalign tray?

Your orthodontist can advise you on next steps to prevent reversing the progress you’ve made; they can also quickly order you a replacement Invisalign tray, so you can continue your treatment without any worry. 

Remember, always consult with your orthodontist as soon as you realize you can’t find your tray. Avoid wearing old or new aligners until you’ve been told what to do. 

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